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Fenix Flashlights - 100 to 299 Lumens

Fenix Flashlights with Max lumens from 100 to 299.  These flashlights can be powered by standard alkaline batteries or lithium ion batteries.  Depending on the size of these flashlights, these lights should continue to have great runtimes.  This range is perfect for every day use, utility use, professional use, or anything that requires moderate lighting at close to medium ranges.  

  • Fenix E20 2015 LED Flashlight

    Fenix E20 LED Flashlight

    MSRP: $43.95

    The new Fenix E20 2015 Edt. is a convenient and practical flashlight.  It features a user-friendly interface with two easy-to-get AA batteries.  This has a phenomenal maximum output of 265 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 689 feet (210...

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