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14500 Powered Fenix Flashlights

Fenix Pocket Lights

Slim and powerful, 14500 lithium-ion batteries are an excellent power source for compact lights. Similar in size to an AA battery, LED flashlights that use 14500 batteries are often small enough to be considered pocket flashlights. Perfect for everyday carry, these flashlights deliver on power making the most out of this small but impressive battery. Even though 14500 batteries are small in size, they hold nothing back in power delivering high outputs and long run times for pocket flashlights. In this section of 14500-powered lights, the flashlights range in size, output, and function. Fenix also offers compact and lightweight headlamps that run on 14500 batteries as well.

  • Fenix LD12 LED Flashlight - 2017 Edt

    Fenix LD12 LED Flashlight - 2017 Edt.

    MSRP: $64.95

    Introducing the Fenix LD12 LED flashlight 2017 Edition! This little guy is no joking matter with its powerful 320 lumen output with a body length of just over 4 inches. The redesigned Fenix LD12 is now compatible with 14500 rechargeable Li-ion...

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