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Fenix 16340 Powered Flashlights

Fenix Everyday Carry Lights

Powering some of the best pocket flashlights, 16340 lithium ion batteries pack a punch despite its small form factor. Roughly the same size as a CR123 lithium battery, 16340s are easy to carry and easy to store. Combine this knowledge with the fact that lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and it’s clear how these powerful little batteries became an EDC favorite. When it comes to small everyday carry flashlights, a 16340-powered flashlight delivers on power and performance. 16340 batteries are versatile power sources that can be equipped in more illumination tools than just flashlights. In the section, Fenix offers a variety of high quality LED flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns that are powered using 16340 lithium-ion batteries.

  • Fenix LD15R Right-Angled Rechargeable LED Flashlight

    Fenix LD15R Right-Angled Rechargeable LED Flashlight

    MSRP: $68.95

    The Fenix LD15R USB Rechargeable Right Angle Flashlight is handy for any situation. It has both white and a red outputs, and it is powered by one 16340 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, but is also compatible with a cold-resistant CR123A battery. This...

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