2018 Holiday Gift Guides

After building high-performance flashlights for so many years, Fenix has learned a thing or two about the needs of its users. While some need a light that will fit comfortably in their pocket, others need a light that can be used in self-defense or mounted on a weapon. Specific uses don’t end with EDC and tactical carry - professionals, campers, hikers, photographers, cyclists, and adventurers all need illumination and all bring their own specific needs to the table. We’ve organized a list of Holiday Gift Guides for Fenix lights so you can choose the perfect gifts for your family and friends.

Top Gifts for under $50

Top Gifts for under $50

Everyone is looking for that perfect gift to give to that someone special at a reasonable price. Look no further; we have the perfect selection of flashlights for that special someone, all at prices that won't break the bank. Here are five lights guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

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top flashlights under 50

Top Gifts for under $100

Top Gifts for under $100

The holidays are around the corner, and you don’t want to be that one family member who forgets everything until the last minute. Don't worry; Fenix-Store.com has you covered. Here are our the top recommendations for lights under $100. These aren’t your grandma's sweaters either! These are top-notch gifts. Everything from bundles to survival gear! Please allow us to be your holiday gift tour guide. This way you won’t have stand in those long lines in the stores. Fill your cart from the comfort of your chair.

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best flashlights under 100

Top Gifts for Dad

Top Gifts for dad

That special dad in your life deserves the best in lighting. His days of struggling with the old check-out-counter "light" are over. No more annoying bulb replacements or dark spots in the beam. Here are our top recommendations that your dad will appreciate for years.

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best led flashlights for dad

Top Gifts for Mom

Top Gifts for moms

Your mom will be pleased with any of these Fenix products. Yes, mom needs reliable lighting also. Whether it is looking for that lost Lego or checking ears for rocks, one of these lights will be sure to bring a smile to her face every time she pulls it out.

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best flashlights for mom

Top Gifts for Men

Top Gifts for men

Any man will be so happy you are giving him the gift of quality lighting! Based on customer feedback and sales, these are the top products men purchase on our website. Keep in mind, these are not in any particular order from best to worst..just 10 great gift options for that special man in your life!

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top flashlights for your husband

Top Gifts for Women

Top Gifts for wife

A flashlight is a great deterrent to an unwelcomed intruder...a temporary self-defense tool. Does that special woman have a high-quality, high-lumen flashlight?

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best flashlights for wife

Top Gifts for Teens

Top Gifts for teenagers

Our teens need high-quality lighting just like adults. What about the times of driving to or from school events when it is dark? Walking in the parking lot of the mall? Weekend camping trips? The teen years are a good time to teach the value of a protective light.

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flashlights for teens

Top Gifts for Runners

Top Gifts for runners

Fenix makes a variety of lights with runners/walkers in mind. With shorter days in the winter, sometimes runs are in dark hours. These recommendations will fit the runner’s lifestyle perfectly and really benefit their daily schedules and runs. All of the following lights that I will be listing are very affordable!

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running flashlights

Top Gifts for Preppers

Top Gifts for survivalist

When it comes to "doomsday" prepping, your selection criteria changes a little. Several specifications you want are: lights powered by easily attainable batteries, the ability to recharge the light, long run times, self defense, and the most lumens for the size. These are the top lights we recommend when preparing for those times without electricity or other emergency situations.

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survival flashlights

Top Gifts for the Person who has Everything

Top Gifts for everyone

We all have that guy on our list--whether it is a husband, brother, dad, friend, or boss. They are all just so hard to buy for. Well, a Fenix light is something everyone can use and will certainly enjoy.

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lights for everyone

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