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A Pair of new Focusable/Zoomable Flashlights | Fenix FD65 and FD45


Thank you for joining us for another Fenix Store Blog. This week we'll be talking about our newest flashlights, the Fenix FD65, and the Fenix FD45. Both of these new FD series flashlights, as you know, are focus-able behind the rotary focus-able head. Which, makes them unique to all the other flashlights that we have. Some of the key features on both of these, the Fenix FD45 maximum output, you'll have 900 lumens. Whereas compared to the Fenix FD65, you'll be looking at 3,800 lumens. Definitely a lot of people are going to be looking at the Fenix FD65 if you're going to be using it for land, if you have a lot of land, if you're going to be going camping.

The really neat feature that this has, is it has a 410 meter beam distance. You're going to get quite a bit of throw on the Fenix FD65. The Fenix FD45, you're still going to be looking at 333 meters of beam distance, so not bad at all on both of these. And of course, the main feature is the focus-able head. Where you can turn it from a spotlight to a floodlight on both of them. They both have a momentary strobe option, and they both have a momentary ... Well, just the Fenix FD45 has a momentary SOS option, as well as the Fenix FD65.

Now, one key difference between both of these flashlights is that the Fenix FD45, you're going to be running it on four double A batteries, where in comparison to the Fenix FD65, it will take four 18650's. You could pretty much say that the Fenix FD45 is made for people that still want to keep the double A's, that want to continue to use the long lasting double A battery that has been around for a long time. The Fenix FD65 of course, with the 18650 is going to be able to provide you that much brighter output of the 3,800 lumens, plus the option to where you can have a separate charger, and charge those 18650's.

Now, on the Fenix FD45, you have just one single switch that will turn the light on and off. Where in comparison to the Fenix FD65, you have dual modes for switching on as well. The Fenix FD65, one of the cool features about this light, since it does have the rotary focusing head, this can also be used a bit for photography. A lot of photographers sometimes need a certain amount of light, sometimes they'll need spotlight, sometimes they'll need a wide range of floodlight. The Fenix FD65 offers that. Not only that, but it also has a tripod hole, where you could attach it to a tripod. Let's say if you were out at a photo shoot, you could easily attach this Fenix FD65 to a tripod, and be able to use the rotary focusing head to adjust the lighting that you need for your photography.

Let's talk a little bit about the different modes that these have. On the Fenix FD65, you're going to be looking, as we mentioned before, the turbo mode is 3,800 lumens. The strobe is 3,800 lumens as well. Those two different modes are going to be giving you the max output. The SOS, you're going to be looking at 150 lumens, and the low, you're going to be looking at 150 lumens. Now, the lowest mode on the Fenix FD65 is actually the Eco, which is just 50 lumens. The medium is 400, and the high is 1,200. This is actually really nice, 'cause a lot of people have been asking, "Well, when is Fenix going to come out with a light that's actually above 1,000 lumens, and even higher than that, that's really easy to be like a handheld, something that will take 18650's?"

A lot of people were looking at the TK35UE, but some people still wanted more lumen capacity, and still have that high output that's above 1,000 lumens. This would be Fenix's answer to that. Still have a high output of over 1,000 lumens, plus a turbo mode of 3,800 lumens, and that long beam distance of 410 meters. We believe that this light right now on the market is really going to be the answer to what a lot of people were looking for, specifically for main competition to the TK35UE. It's kind of the answer to that.

It does have a dual circuit design, and as we have mentioned, some of the other features that it does have, it also has an XHP35 high control white LED. Those are the LED's that this Fenix FD65 is using. Now, the run time on those different output modes. The turbo is three hours, and of course we always mention this. All Fenix flashlights, they have accumulated run time. What this means is, the turbo on this, even though it is three hours, that is three hours of accumulated run time. The flashlight itself will step down once it reaches a certain degree of heat, and it will step down automatically. Once it cools down, you could always put it right back up to the max, to the higher level.

Now on the high, which we mentioned is the 1,200 lumens, you'll get five hours of run time on it. The medium, 19 hours and 40 minutes of runtime. The low, 40 hours and 15 minutes of runtime. Then finally the Eco, which will give you 86 hours of runtime.

Now, moving onto the Fenix FD45, which you could easily say it's its little brother, you know, and it runs on those four double A's. We had mentioned before the turbo is 900 lumens, you'll also be able to use the strobe at the 900 lumens. The SOS and the low mode both will be giving you 50 lumens. Then from there we have the medium which is 150, and the high, which is 350. Then you also have the lowest mode, which is the Eco, which is 5 lumens.

Runtime on these. The turbo with the 900 lumens is going to give you an hour and 30 minutes. The high will be three hours and 40 minutes. The medium is eight hours and 25 minutes. The low is 26 hours and 20 minutes. And finally the Eco, is 120 hours. Even though you are using double A batteries, you will definitely get a nice runtime out of both of these lights, especially the Fenix FD45. Five lumens to a lot of people, that's nothing pretty much. You could easily use that, let's say if you're camping out, to read a map, any instructions you have. It really does help conserve the runtime, and also the battery power.

And of course, this is pretty much you could say, a good camping or hunting light to have with you. Since it does have those double A batteries, it's powered by double A's, you could easily toss the double A batteries, and just put some new ones in there without having to worry about being able to charge 18650's, or being able to ... If you have enough batteries for that, you could just buy yourself a pack of Tenergy double A's, have them with you, put them in the flashlight, and then you're good to go.

And also the fact that it's really easy to use, so if you're out in the middle of the woods and it's super dark, you're not going to have to struggle to turn this flashlight on and off. That one switch control will easily, it's easy to find, and you will be able to control the different lumen modes, including the strobe and the SOS from there, and then easily turn it on and off as well.

Another great thing for these flashlights is, the way that they are built, they're easy to hold. Both of them, they are compact, but they have a large amount of lumen capacity, especially the Fenix FD65. It's not too large in aspect, compared to other high lumen capacity flashlights like the TK75, or the RC40, or the TK47's, which are either really long, or really wide. This one you could say is just at the right size for its lumen capacity. Easy to hold, easy to function, so those are two great aspects of both of these lights. Same with Fenix FD45. Easy to hold, easy to function, easy to turn on, which makes both of these flashlights really good to use, and really easy to use as well.

We recommend, it really is all down to personal preference. The Fenix FD45, as I have mentioned, we recommend it more as a camping or hunting flashlight to have with you as a backup, or also just when you're out in the woods, it'll be easier to use. The Fenix FD65 can use a multiple of purposes. For example, photography as we have mentioned before. Also, using it for high capacity when you're needing a lot of light. Let's say you are a land owner, or you live out in the middle of nowhere pretty much and you have a lot of land. The Fenix FD65 will definitely come in handy in those aspects, especially if you are needing to see long range, you could set that spotlight. Or if you're trying to see what's in the bushes in the back of your yard, you could use that floodlight.

Both of these can be purchased on Right now while we're doing this blog, they are on pre-order. We expect them to arrive October the 6th of 2017, so if you're wanting to place an order and you are signed up for our Lumen Bucks promotion, we are offering a special promotion for the pre-orders on the Fenix FD65, and the Fenix FD45. If you're wanting to get these, I would say to hurry up and order them both on the pre-order, and get a little extra as well with Lumen Bucks.

You could get these both at If you have any questions regarding these flashlights, feel free to contact our customer support at 1-800-616-1326. Thank you for joining us again at this blog.