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BC Series Fenix LED Bike Lights 

Rugged Bike Lights

Looking for a way to stay safe on the path while cycling? Fenix has you covered with the BC series high performance bicycle lights. As one of the leading manufacturers in outdoor lighting, Fenix develops a variety of bike lights so every cyclist can illuminate their way. With advanced LED technology, Fenix bike lights deliver extreme brightness while still having impressive runtimes so you can bike for longer while seeing the path ahead. Not only can you expect the brightest bike lights from Fenix, the BC series lights have multiple features making them versatile and practical. In the BC series, you’ll find the best and brightest bike lights made to last and to keep any cyclist safe.

  • Fenix BC05R Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

    Fenix BC05R Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light


    The First USB type C rechargeable bicycle tail light has arrived at Fenix Store. The all new Fenix BC05 is ultra compact with an eye-catching red light that delivers a whopping 10 Lumens! The bright LED can be seen at a distance of 200 meters or 656 ft...

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