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Flashlight With Focus! Welcome the New Fenix FD20!

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Little Light With a Lot of Focus

Please welcome the Fenix FD20! This light is the first focusable Fenix light that is AA powered! For all of you preppers that love AA readily available lights, this is definitely the light for you!

Some Highlights

  • Dual reflector optical system
  • 360* rotary focusing ability to switch between spotlight and floodlight
  • 350 lumens max output
  • One switch control
  • AA powered

Best Flashlight of the First Quarter Plus Other Best Sellers!

THE RESULTS ARE IN!Want to know our top sellers for first quarter 2017? Here you are! Our TK20R is sitting at the top spot. If you look at the features, you will see why. Our high-performance, rechargeable flashlights continue to be in high demand. Be sure to check out our other top sellers this quarter.As you shop [...]

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Flashlight with a dual purpose! Your first Fenix infrared LED flashlight!! Plus more!

YOU'VE ASKED AND ASKED...and Fenix responded. We now have an infrared TK25IR flashlight in our product line, and you will be impressed! Great offer on pre-orders:FREE USA PRIORITY SHIPPING  and ADD AN 18650 STORACELL FOR ONLY $2.00 ($6.95 value)Have you submitted your photo for our "Fenix in Action" program? Do you want a chance to win a $50 store [...]

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Flashlight for the dark of night? Here is your Fenix TK25IR!

Flashlight with Special PowersIntroducing the Fenix TK25IR! Fenix's first infrared light! This tactical LED flashlight is fitted with a white LED that delivers 1000 lumens as well as a strobe mode making this one of the brightest tactical flashlights! In addition to the white LED, the Fenix TK25IR also has a 850nm infrared LED that puts [...]

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Fenix Lights Win Gold Medals

WHAT'S ON YOUR BIKE?Do you have one of Fenix's AWARD-WINNING bike lights on your cycle? If not, this is the week to make your could have one on your bike within the week.Need a light for a long ride? Ride often? Bike lights powered by rechargeable batteries is the way to go. You have [...]

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Check out these Exclusive Bundle Specials!!

WHAT A DEAL THIS WEEK! Extend the versatility of your rechargeable Fenix by adding two accessories--for ONLY $1.00! That's a $14.49 value! Check the details below and stretch your purchasing dollars.  We give away a lot of stuff around here. We've just added one more monthly giveaway--Fenix in Action! Just submit your original photo and you may [...]

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Who wouldn't want a free $50?!?!

Want a chance to win a free $50 store credit?! Just send us your photo of you using your Fenix product for a chance to win!! Rules for entry:Must be your own photoMust contain or be related to a Fenix productNothing inappropriateEmail your photo entry to FENIXINACTION@FENIX-STORE.COM All qualified photo entries will be featured on our website. [...]

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New Fenix Batteries + Save On Cool Gear

CHARGE YOUR BATTERIES... Without a charger!Fenix has expanded it's micro-USB rechargeable battery product line. AND our #1 selling 3500mAh 18650 battery has joined the pack. Check out our two new batteries. Talk about convenience. As with all Fenix batteries, you have the assurance of high quality and attention to safety.WE GOT THE COOL GEAR! 10% Off This [...]

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Come check out our TWO new batteries! Both are micro USB rechargeable!! Fenix ARB-L18-3500U USB Rechargeable 18650 battery Fenix ARB-L16-700U USB Rechargeable 16340 battery Our biggest and and smallest both got a big upgrade!! Both now come with: Micro-USB charging port Multiple protection Short circuit protection 500 charge cycles ARB-L18-3500U: Order Here! ARB-L16-700U: Order Here!

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Do you know your IP ratings?! Plus two new products!!

What Does All This Mean on Fenix Lights? IP66, IP67, etc.When selecting a flashlight, headlamp, lantern, or bike light, it is important to purchase one that perform in your planned environment and conditions. This week, our goal is to discuss IP ratings. An IP (Ingress Protection) is a rating that states how protected the gear is against [...]

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