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It's like money in the bank! If you have purchased from us in the past, have you checked to see how many Lumen Bucks you have accumulated? We see many of you have money just sitting in your account! D …
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Top 5 EDC Flashlights from Fenix

Personally, an EDC light is one of the most valuable pieces of my everyday life. Coming home at night and fumbling in the dark looking for my keys is a hassle. An EDC flashlight is an essential compon …
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Fenix in Action: Marque Baldwin

Meet Marque Baldwin, a recently retired police officer for the Broken Arrow Police Department (BAPD), an integral team member of Land Run Brands, and a Fenix-Store sponsored athlete. During his 21 yea …
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What Is the Best Rechargeable Flashlight for the Money?

A rechargeable light with a rechargeable battery is unrivaled in its convenience. Since a flashlight is a common household tool today, we want to find the best rechargeable and useful flashlight.Gone …
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Are Fenix Batteries Good?

If you are looking for rechargeable batteries or batteries in general, Fenix is the perfect place for you! Fenix sells batteries that fit electronic devices such as cameras for security purposes and h …
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