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Celebrate National Bike Month at Fenix Store

Fenix bike lights are seriously customized to turn your bike into a rolling LED street lamp. National Bike Month is here. Don't let a little darkness keep you from tearing up the trails at night.Don't …
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Best LED Flashlights

A smartphone is a fantastic technological achievement. You can interact with people from miles away, play games, and use it as a flashlight. However, its light is no match for an LED flashlight. …
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5 Reasons Why the Fenix TK16 V2.0 is the Best Tactical Flashlight on the Market

Some people buy flashlights to just keep at home in case of a power shortage, and that used to be me. Before, I purchased flashlights just to store them in my kitchen or room. However, it all changed …
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Something to Add to the Flowers for Mother's Day

What about adding a light to your Mother's gift idea? Yes, you think she may not appreciate it; HOWEVER, it is the gift that keeps on giving when those flowers fade away after about a week. Every time …
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Best EDC Fenix Flashlight

Flashlights offer the convenience of carrying a light source within the palm of our hands. It is an essential tool for navigating through the darkness or especially during emergencies and power outage …
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