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The Brightest Flashlights of 2022

There are many reasons you should buy one of the brightest flashlights from Fenix Store.If you find it challenging to choose what to buy, we made this guide to help you find the brightest and most eff …
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The Newest Fenix Flashlights of 2022

In a scenario where you lose power caused by a natural catastrophe or a thunderstorm, a reliable flashlight will conserve your phone's battery and provide some comfort and safety. It may even …
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Fenix PD40R Flashlight Review - Daniel M.

Fenix PD40R Flashlight Review - Daniel M.

Review by Daniel M. on 1 Sep 2021 review stating Is this the Light of Eärendil?Long ago, I first came across a tale which involved a hobbit and the Light of Eärendil, “a light for when all other lig …
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Where to Buy Mini Flashlights

When you cannot see anything in the dark, what do you do? You grab your phone and turn on its flashlight mode. It drains your phone’s battery. To avoid this, we recommend having a mini flashli …
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Best Emergency Lights of 2021

When there’s a sudden power outage or when you’re alone at night and the surroundings are just too dark, you need emergency lights to keep you safe. Emergency lights should be durable, waterproo …
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