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New Release Fenix BC26R Bike Light

Are you ready to bike and cycle this spring? Then, make sure to pick up the all-new Fenix BC26R. This super bright bike light has an output of 1600 lumens, and it's USB Type-C rechargeable. We are tak …
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The Best Flashlight Batteries of 2022

You'll always want your flashlight's batteries to be fresh so that it doesn't drain fast when you need them. However, dealing with the inconvenience and expense of replacing batteries regularly can be …
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The Best Rechargeable Flashlights of 2022

Suppose you need a reliable flashlight but don't know which is best. You'll be happy to know that there are some great options on the market these days. Rechargeable flashlights save the day when you' …
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The best Cerakote Flashlights of 2022

What's in your pocket? If you don't have a flashlight in your pocket or holstered on your belt, you should carry one with you. You never know when you'll need it. A dependable flashlight isn't just fo …
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The Brightest Flashlights of 2022

There are many reasons you should buy one of the brightest flashlights from Fenix Store.If you find it challenging to choose what to buy, we made this guide to help you find the brightest and most eff …
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