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Best Running Headlamp 2019

The best headlamp for running in 2019 is the Fenix HL26R with 450 lumens, which is more than enough to light up the jogging path or even a bike trail. It weighs only 3 oz, so it's very lightweight. One thing that you will love about the Fenix HL26R is that is micro USB rechargeable. There's no need to worry about the battery dying and it even if you are a little bit paranoid that it may die down just bring a little power bank charger to charge your headlight. The battery s a 1600 mAH lithium polymer battery. It does come in three different colors. The black, blue and yellow editions. I personally liked the blue. I'm just a fan of that. I also like the aggressive look of the black, that's pretty sweet. It is ultra lightweight design and has a choice of either a spotlight or a floodlight. If you have it as a bike light for your head, you may not want to use the floodlights since you're going too fast. 

The HL26R has multiple outputs with some pretty impressive run times. There is also a reflective and sweatblock headband. As mentioned before there is built in lithium polymer micro USB rechargeable battery. The Fenix HL26 is an ultra lightweight rechargeable headlamp specifically designed for trail running. It has dual switches for fast operation plus is IP66 rated for dust proof and waterproof. The HL26R is competent for the complex environments, a trail running and even long distance hiking. It only weighs 86 grams, approximately three ounces and that's including the headband and battery. So it's very impressive. It has a built in metal heat dissipation sheet so it's going to help with not burning your forehead. It's very aggressive with the main spotlight in the middle and the two flood lights off to the side raised up a little bit. And like I said, there is a choice of spotlight or a floodlight, the spotlight is ideal for long distance vision while running or cycling.

With off a single click of the flood light will light up the indication of the power for three seconds. The more the leds light up, the more power it has. It is IP66, rated for a waterproof and dustproof withstanding heavy rain and splashing. It's not submersible, but it still will withstand any rainstorm just make sure that the USB port is covered properly. There's a little plastic cover over the buttons, so it's going to prevent the accidental activation. And then there's a frosted translucent shell makes it very aggressive looking but also sleek at the same time.

The headlamp itself is digitally regulated. It going to maintain constant brightness and then it also has overcharging and over discharging protection. The spotlight and floodlight are controlled separately. So no need to confuse the two and accidentally activate one. And you do the 60 degree tilt mechanism is made of quality, pvc and aluminum. It has a battery level indication, then a reflective and sweat block headband. So what comes in the package whenever you order. I got one off of Whichever color you choose will include a USB charging cable, user manual and a warranty card and that will be what comes with you were Fenix HL26R.