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Can a Fenix Flashlight Save Your Life?

Fenix LED Flashlights

Greeting, Fenix Enthusiasts!

How many lives could a flashlight save if a flashlight could save lives?

This week's newsletter focus is PREPAREDNESS.  Most people would like to avoid the hassles of car trouble or the frustrations of a prolonged power outage or any other stressful life event. Although these situations don’t happen often, it is important to have the right tools within reach to “survive."  In this newsletter, we would like to make various Fenix lighting recommendations for some of these scenarios which could be life-threatening or catastrophic. When push comes to shove, even the little things like a flashlight/lantern can make a big difference.  So get your water and food products and then add a reliable, long-running Fenix product.

Seemingly fitting is the release of the new Fenix HL05 Headlamp! This low-priced, compact “Colorful Night Elf” that is perfect for emergency situations. Check out below for more details then add one of these to your cart...maybe a handful for all your family members too.

BREAKING NEWS: Just arrived - LD22 2015, LD22 Package Deal, AFH-01 Flashlight/Tool Case

Thanks for your continued support.  You are appreciated.

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Fenix LED Flashlights

Fenix LD22 2015 LED Flashlight

Fenix AD501N Camp Shade

Fenix TK16 LED Flashlight

Fenix TK16 LED Flashlights

Fenix TK16 LED Flashlight

Fenix E25 LED Flashlight

Fenix E25 LED Flashlight

Fenix Flashlight Accessories

Fenix LED Flashlights

Fenix CL25R Camp Lantern

Fenix HP05 LED Flashlight


Did you know, according to Dartboard Media LLC, Fenix Outfitters is in the Top 11 Everyday Carry Shops Every Guy Should Know? We are pretty honored to be in this listing. Our efforts to locate and offer high-quality, unusual, and hard-to-find EDC gear has paid off. So keep our site bookmarked and check back often to see the new gear we get in. To start off with, check out our new MicroTech Knives inventory. These are by far our best-selling knives.

EDC Gear

1. Fenix LD22 2015 Edition

2. MicroTech UTX-70 S/E Tactical Standard

3. Urban Operators Titanium Tacti Sylus Pen

4. Urban Operators Titanium Comb

5. Urban Operators™ Titanium Waterproof Capsule

6. Titanium Tiny "Split Pea" Peanut Lighter

7. Urban Operators™ Titanium Toothpick/Tool

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Fenix E25 LED Flashlight

Fenix in Action

Fenix, Snakes, Iguanas, Monkeys, etc.


Submitted by:  Alex Figueroa
Fenix Products:  TK40, TK41, E25, HP10

This week's Fenix in Action selection will be an enjoyable read...especially those interested in herpetology. Oh the places our lights will go.  Check out Alex's exciting work he is doing worldwide.

"Strolling companionless through the tropical rainforest at night in some foreign country can be quite hair-raising! On moonless nights visibility is quite poor, but even the brightest moon provides little illumination as the tall giants rise from the forest floor, locking arms to form an almost impenetrable canopy, blocking out any light that might brighten your path. And what about all the wild animals lurking in the darkness, from the owl perched high in the canopy with its perfect night vision hooting away your unwelcomed presence in the eclipse of the woody behemoths, to the stealthy predators ready to ‘pounce on you and tear you apart’, to the slithering snakes on the ground and climbing through trees ‘ready to inject you with fangs full of venom’."  Read more...

Fenix LED Flashlights

Fenix BC30R LED Bike Light

Bragging Rights are in Order

Our Fenix BC30R LED bike light received the Gear Institute’s Best New Gear Award at the Summer 2015 Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City.  We value this honor since the Gear Institute Award honors the most innovative gear of the year--and the BC30R was selected in the bike light category. Read more...

Fenix BC30R LED Bike Light