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In a world focused on FAST & CONVENIENT, having a Rechargeable Fenix Flashlight is becoming more and more common among SERIOUS FLASHLIGHT ENTHUSIASTS.  Fenix has taken the rechargeable flashlight to the next level with its RC Series and UC Series.  Ranging anywhere from 420 Lumens to 3500 Lumens, these rechargeable flashlights greatly increase the ability to maximize performance by ensuring the Longest Run-Time & Brightness possible.  Now it is easier than ever with common USB charging in the car, airport, office, or battle zone.

While you are shopping on our website, go ahead and pick up the latest arrivals.  TK75 2015 Edt., TK16, TK16 Tactical Package, TK16 Battery/Charger Package, AER02 Remote Pressure Switch, AER03 Remote Pressure Switch, our new 16340 battery, and the new 14500 battery.  You'll be glad you did.

Fenix UC30 LED Flashlight

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Fenix UC30 LED Flashlight

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P2D to the Rescue!

This week's "Fenix in Action" story was submitted by Steve Sisak.  We've had a number of stories submitted and we thank you. Why did we select Steve's this week?  We wanted to feature the longevity of a Fenix product.  Steve's came to the rescue with his trusty P2D.  Here's Steve's submission:


"My experience with Fenix lights started with me bying a P2D to use as an every day carry keychain light.  I really liked the modes and the output on high was exceptional for the time.  I carried that light everywhere and only crecently repurposed it to use the PD22UE."   Read more...


Fenix Store Fenix in Action

Fenix Store Warranty and Repair

You won't find these custom (tailored) batteries listed on our website. They can be purchased through our Warranty & Repair Center.  If your battery fails during the warranty period of the battery, our Warranty Center can assist with that.  Call the number above and have your flashlight with you.