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Check out the NEW multi-color LED Flashlights

Multi-color LED lights are making headway.  Here are two new lights introduced into the Fenix catalogue.

Fenix TK15C Multi-Color LED Flashlight - 2015

Fenix has taken the best-selling TK15 to a new level! This new hunting/tactical flashlight has an extended reach along with a much-demanded multi-colored output. Imagine having complete target vision up to 656 feet. The TKC has three color options: red for enhanced eye shine, green for better distance performance, and white for all-purpose lighting. The new TK5C features a powerful, tough, durable, and fully waterproof design intended for harsh outdoor conditions. It operates on one 18650 Li-ion battery or twoCR123ALithium batteries. With compact and easily mountable size along with rugged aluminum construction, the waterproof TK15C keeps going in rain or snow storms.

Fenix LD75C Multi-Color LED Flashlight

Do you need a performance like no other? The Multi-Color LED LD75C flashlight lights up your whole outdoor environment with four color options and seven white outputs. The amazing 6.3-inch size makes the torch easy to stow in your backpack, glove compartment, tool case, hunting gear bag, etc. Fenix has designed the LD75C with with a double circuit design and intelligent thermal control feature for flexible and reliable power use. The new LD75C is definitely a game changer in the hand-held lighting market...and Fenix leads the pack.