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Fenix LED Flashlights


Greetings to Our Loyal Customers

What is the business model of an amazing company?  Continuous Improvement.

This week we are proud to introduce two upgrades to Fenix flashlights as well as a new Fenix charger that many have requested.  Fenix Listens!  The popular TK35UE is now updated with the New Cree XHP 50 LED--packing a powerful 2000-Lumen output with a beam distance of 1050 feet.  That's what continuous improvement is all about.  

We also are excited about the new E20 2015 Edt.  Fenix has removed the "shake" feature and designed all the operational function into the tailcap.  So you still have the one-hand operation through the tailcap as well as an increase to 265 Lumens.   Also offered this week is the ARE-X1 Single-Bay 18650/26650 Smart Charger.  With a $9.95 price point, this is a no brainer. 

So get your orders in so you can get one of our FREE 1-oz. COPPER COINS (details below). We appreciate your continued support.  Have a great weekend.

The Fenix Store Team
Exceeding Customer Expectations


Just arrived in our warehouse
HL-05 LED Headlamp
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Fenix LED Flashlights

Last Week's Winner of the E25 and AOD-S Diffuser

Dan L.
Seattle, WA

Fenix TK35UE 2015 LED Flashlight

Fenix TK35UE 2015 LED Flashlight

Fenix ARE-X1 Charger

Fenix E20 2015 LED Flashlight

Urban Operators Varihex

KOCH Tools

Fenix LED Flashlight

Have You Ever Wondered How Fenix's Warranty Works?

As with all products, you aren't really buying JUST the product--you are buying "service after the sale."  Once you purchase a Fenix product, you have the assurance of support through and beyond the warranty period.  Fenix has always had a strong warranty policy and even beefed it up with its offering of a 5 1/2-year warranty on flashlights purchased after June 1, 2015.  Be sure to read the full policy HERE to see how exceptional Fenix's warranty is.  Again, Fenix is on a path to Continuous Improvement.


Where is Your Warranty/Service Center?

  • There are three Fenix Warranty/Service Centers in the USA
  • Your Warranty/Service Center is determined by the serial number on your product
  • Fenix Store/Fenix Outfitters warranty and service all products we or our dealers sell
  • When you call any of the Warranty Centers in the USA, you will first be asked your serial number.  That will allow us to determine your proper center.

Knowledge is Power

Fenix Store Fenix in Action

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