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Fenix BC25R - The new compact bike light of 2018

Fenix’s brand new rechargeable bike light called the BC25R is finally available for pre-order. The Fenix BC25R bike light has a max output of 600 lumens and has a throw distance of 347 feet on turbo. It includes a 2600mAH 18650 rechargeable battery that you charge inside the unit with the included micro USB cable similar to how you would charge your cell phone.

This new bike light has a compact all metal design and a very unique shape and can even be used as a handheld flashlight also. It features a battery level indicator, when the light is switched off and you single click the switch it will provide the battery level. This will give you a good idea of exactly where you're at as far as needing to charge the bicycle light. The battery level indicators will display the status for three seconds.

The Fenix BC35R also features an IP66 waterproof rating to protect you from heavy rain and small dust particles. As we had mentioned before the units itself is very compacted measuring only 5.2 inches in length, 1.25 inches wide and 1.22 inches in height. It only weighs 5.5oz. Next is the brightness levels, I will start off by saying this light has a very consistent brightness flow from low all the way up to turbo. So you don't have such a big jump from setting to setting, which is very nice to have.

The lumen outputs are going to be as follows, it's going to start off with low at 50 lumens. That'll have a runtime of 36 hours with a distance of a little over 100 feet. Next would be the mid setting, which is 150 lumens. It has a run time of 15 hours and has a throw distance of 170 feet. The next setting up from there is the high setting at 350 lumens and a run time of 7 hours with a throw distance of 259Ft. The high will likely be your desired setting, especially in the city. The last brightness is the turbo output. This is a total 600 lumens with a runtime of 2 hours and a throw distance of 347 feet.

The Fenix BC25R also features a flashing mode which can be used as emergency setting as well to alert others. The flash mode will be at 150 lumens. To activate the flashing mode you will turn the light on and you're going to double click the switch to enter the flashing mode. A single click will turn it back to the normal operating mode. Another great feature that most bike lights don't have is this model has a anti-glare cut-off facula line, meaning the neutral white beam does not shoot upwards to hit drivers, bikers or walkers/runners in the eyes. This is ideal for urban areas, or even bikers or commuters that live in the city.

The Fenix BC25R can even be used while it's charging, however, you're only going to be able to access the low output setting. The new Fenix BC25R includes the light itself with the integrated 2600mAH, the quick release bike mount, 1 thick and thin mounting shim’s, and the USB charging cable. User manual and warranty cards are also included. This is the best bike light for commuters or people live in the urban areas or in the city. Get yours today at

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