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Fenix E18R - The popular EDC flashlight of 2019

Fenix E18R - The popular EDC flashlight of 2019

Fenix E18R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Today we are going to be discussing one of the newer flashlights; the E18R rechargeable LED flashlight. This light came out late 2018 and certainly made some waves. This is the Fenix E18R is one of the most popular Fenix flashlights; upon release, our stock was sold out before we even got the Fenix E18R in our warehouse. It's no surprise why the Fenix E18R is genuinely a powerhouse with an incredible and compact size. The size and the brightness are the two main factors of this Fenix E18R Flashlight.

It weighs in at only 1.2 ounces and with a length of under 2 1/2 inches. The Fenix E18R is going to be a perfect EDC flashlight and an ideal addition to your pocket. You probably won't even notice because of the weight and size. It has a maximum lumen output of 750 lumens, which is an incredible amount of light coming out of a flashlight that is under 2 1/2 inches long and weighs only 1.2 ounces. It comes with a free 16340 rechargeable battery which can be charged directly inside the torch through a magnetic charging port and magnetic charging cable. It uses the special edition 16340 700P Rechargeable battery from Fenix, and this is what truly allows it to get to that incredible 750 lumens.

You can also use a standard 16340 battery, and you will get almost the full brightness or a CR123 battery. The CR123 battery will give you a little bit less intensity, but either way, you have three battery options for the Fenix E18R. When you know you're going to be using the light in below-freezing temperatures and cold temperatures can affect the life of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the CR123 would be the best option. It is great to have a non-rechargeable lithium battery, like the CR123, as a backup power option. The Fenix E18R also includes a magnetic base, which means that you can easily attach the flashlight to any magnetic metal surface like the underside of the hood of a car is a great example.

The Fenix E18R is made out of a quality material that allows for reliable performance. It is a premium type hard anodized finish on the outside of the flashlight. This also protects from scratching, especially when dropped.

The E18R offers four brightness levels plus a strobe mode, the strobe, and the turbo both max out at 750 lumens, and the turbo mode will last you about 45 minutes with the included rechargeable 16340 battery. The high output will run at 150 lumens and lasts about 2 1/2 hours. The medium output will be 30 lumens and lasts just under 14 hours, and the low output is 5 lumens and lasts about 70 hours. The Fenix E18R is more of a floodlight rather than a spotlight. The maximum beam distance on the turbo setting is only 136 meters, so you will get a lot of flood from this, especially how the lens is designed. It will scatter the light very well. It's designed for close up use. It will do an excellent job of not reflecting light into your eyes. This is ideal for situations like working on the car or anything else that requires up close and personal operation.

The Fenix E18R is genuinely an incredible flashlight and is an essential part of any good EDC in the lineup. It's perfect for hiking or camping or any other outdoor use plus the magnetic base and easy charging option with the magnetic cable. This flashlight would also be great for any mechanic or technician working on a home. 

Fenix E18R - The popular EDC flashlight of 2019