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Fenix E30R, The Best EDC flashlight of 2019?

The Fenix E30R has finally arrived here at Fenix Store and is now available for pre-order. If you have the opportunity to be at Shot Show 2019 you may have had the chance to check out this great flashlight.

It is possibly one of the best EDC flashlights that have come out recently, and one of the best EDC flashlights of 2019. Essentially it is a compact flashlight that is rechargeable and powered by a single 18650 battery. The max output on the Fenix E30R is 1600 lumens, ]so it is incredibly powerful flashlight for being powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery. This is something a lot of customers has requested recently form Fenix, a flashlight that goes over 1000 lumens, that is compact, and only needs one single 18650 battery. Fenix listened and they provided the Fenix E30R which is compact and only measures 99 mm in length.

The Fenix E30R can also be powered by two non-rechargeable CR123 batteries. This flashlight also has a deep carry pocket clip, so when you put in your jean pocket it nice and snug and stays in place. Once features that I absolutely love about this new 1600 lumen flashlight is t]hat it is very easy to carry around and use. The single side switch is easy to find even in the dark and you can effortlessly turf the flashlight on and off.

Once feature that Fenix has included on many of their recent flashlights is the battery level indicator located on the side switch. Flashlight like the UC35, PD35 V2 and now the E30R all have this feature. To view the battery level indicator click the side switch of the flashlight and it will indicate your battery level. A constant green or flashlight green represent that you have more than 50% of your battery left. Anything below this battery level you will see either a steady red or flashing red, which indicate that it is time to charge the battery. This feature eliminates the need for a separate battery charger and indicator.

As we had mentioned before the Fenix E30R has a max output of 1600 Lumens, however, it also has another four different output plus a strobe option. After the 1600 Lumen turbo output, you have a high output at 800 Lumens. This level is perfect for hiking trails or camping when you don't want to use the max lumens. After the high output, you will find the mid at 350 Lumens. Next would be low at 150 lumens and finally the eco at 30 Lumens. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the excellent balance between all the different output levels. Many flashlight companies have sudden drop offs between output levels. Contrasting this style Fenix has dispersed the output levels evenly, allowing users to choose the correct level for every scenario.

The Fenix E30R also has an excellent strobe option. This is activated simply by holding down the side switch for a little over 1.5 seconds. Single clicking the side switch will deactivate the strobe bringing you back to the last option used. Another great feature of the Fenix E30R is the lockout function. We strongly believe that every flashlight should have this feature. If you a flashlight is part of your EDC you will benefit from this feature. If the lockout is activated, you can prevent the flashlight from accidentally activating in your pocket or briefcase. To lockout, the Fenix E30R click the side switch twice within half a second, to unlock it follow the same procedure. These steps must be completed when the flashlight is off.

What is the best use for the new Fenix E30R? We recommend having it at an EDC flashlight or even as a backup to your tactical flashlight. We believe that many police officers can benefit having this flashlight as a backup to their primary flashlight. The Fenix E30R is also a great camping or hiking flashlight. It is easy to carry this flashlight in your shorts or go bag. The Fenix E30R is also a great stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

The all-new Fenix E30R can be purchased at Fenix Store for only $79.95. If you have any more questions regarding the E30R, please contact the customer service team at