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Fenix Flashlights Put to the Torture Test

Just How Durable is a Fenix Light?

Well, just check out some of the "torture tests" on You Tube, 

Can a Fenix Survive the Worst of the Worst?
The Ultimate TK35 Torture Test
Can It Take a Crush Test?
Does It Pass the 1-Meter Drop Test?
Grilled Fenix, Anyone?
Let's Play Pitch
Boiled Fenix and It Keeps Working
TK15 Meets Lawnmower

OK, we don't recommend you put your Fenix light to a torture test. Most of us protect our lights like a newborn baby. 

Why is There a 5 1/2-Year Warranty on Fenix Lights?
Based on these torture tests, you can see why Fenix has the confidence to offer customers a 5-year parts warranty (5 1/2 years if you register your product) and a lifetime service warranty. But just the fact Fenix offers such a strong warranty tells us that Fenix lights are built for the harshest conditions. 

"To show the toughness of the light I lost it out in the woods and didn't find it till a year later. And it still works wow! One tough light." 

Sent by Jack S. of Kentucky

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