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The time for giving is here and Fenix-Store has the perfect gifts for the hunters, campers, and gear-geeks in your life! Fenix builds high-quality gear that will last a lifetime. Their ultra-bright flashlights are ideal accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, police officers, and EMT’s. At, we take pride in selling the full Fenix product line as well as survival tools and gear to outfit backpackers and adventurers of all skill levels.

Fenix Hunter’s Gear

Hunter's Gift Box

Any hunter will appreciate this spectacular combo deal. For starters, we’ve included the 680 lumen LD41 LED flashlight.

Powered by four AA batteries, this light makes for an ideal primary flashlight. Hunters love its rugged construction. Several brightness levels allow users to choose the perfect amount of light for their needs. As a back-up light, the hunter’s gear box has an ultra-compact olive-green E01. This kit includes a blue filter that fits the LD41, turning its brilliant beam into the perfect tool for tracking blood. Four Tenergy AA batteries are also included.

On top of the Fenix flashlights, this package also includes 50 feet of paracord, an emergency whistle, a button compass, two hand warmers, two military-grade glow sticks, and a durable Plano 312 Field Box for easy and secure storage of your valued gear.

This package is the perfect gift for hunters and sportsmen looking for tough gear that will keep them out of the dark for years to come.

Survivalist Bag:

Survivalist Gift Pack

This package is focused on outdoor adventurers and backpackers. We’ve bundled together all the gear you’d need if you found yourself stuck in the back country for an extended time. Included is the rugged, 215 lumen, LD22 LED flashlight along with two Tenergy AA batteries.

Also in the Survivalist pack is a flint striker/compass combo, two zip ties, waterproof matches, an emergency whistle, two military grade glow-sticks, 50 feet of paracord and a heavy-duty gear-bag. All of this gear fits neatly in the compact bag, and will allow for tidy storage of all the tools you’d need to secure shelter, build a fire, and get found in a survival situation.

TK15 Combo Pack

TK15 Package

The TK15 Package is our pick for the gear geek in our life. The kit is built around the 400 lumen TK15. Its tactical styling 

and lithium power supply make it a true contender in the world of high-powered LED technology. Included with the light is a purpose-made nylon holster, an ultra-efficient Lithium-Ion battery charger, two rechargeable 18650 batteries, and two non-rechargeable CR123A cells.

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Our combo packages offer a wide variety of versatile products. They are an excellent way to load up on gear while saving some money, and they include all of the necessary accessories. You can browse our full selection of package deals on and see the rest of the Fenix product line.

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