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Fenix Has Now Reached the 12,000-Lumen Mark With the New LR40R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Smaller and Brighter to Deliver Lighting to Unimaginable Distances
Fenix LR40R LED Flashlight

The powerful Fenix LR40R has been designed for your outdoor adventures and extreme environments. Whether you choose it as a backup light for your automobile, caving, or for search and rescue, the LR40R will not let you down. The LR40R combines a spot- and floodlight feature to maximize modes. The new Type C USB charging port allows for fast charging, which is extremely important when you are in conditions requiring uninterrupted lighting. With two power options (built-in rechargeable battery pack or the use of four rechargeable 18650 batteries), your light will perform flawlessly.

The Fenix LR40R has taken Fenix to the next level in producing the brightest LED flashlight on the market. 

Fenix LR40R flashlight demonstration