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The first headlamp we are going to discuss is the Fenix HL60R Rechargeable LED Headlamp, which in my opinion this is the best Fenix headlamp available. The HL60R Headlamp is very bright, easy to wear and easy to use. It is 3.4 inches long weighing only 3.4 ounces. What is really neat about the HL60R rechargeable headlamp is that it's waterproof with an IPX-8 rating. It also has a 160-degree tilt mechanism, which allows you to adjust the beam whenever you need to. It also has a supplementary red light and power level indicator. If the red light flashes the battery level is very low. This will let you know when you need to charge your battery.

In addition to the red light power feature, there are an additional 5 output modes in this headlamp. First is Eco with 5 lumens, Low at 50 lumens, Mid at 150 lumens, high at 400 Lumens and finally turbo at 950 Lumens. This headlamp is USB rechargeable, it has a micro USB port right on the light itself. It charges and takes 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This HL60R headlamp also has a durable aluminum house for impact resistance. The tint is a neutral white with a CREE LED. The max beam distance is of 116 meters or 380 feet.

The headlamp is easy to use with one switch operation. The switch is located on the side for easy and quick access. The HL60R USB rechargeable headlamp is available in two colors: black or desert yellow. Included with the HL60R are the headband, battery, and Micro USB charging cable. Also included is the user manual and spare O-ring.

If you looking for something a little bit brighter when it comes to headlamps, we recommend the Fenix HP25R headlamp. The turbo output is 1000 lumens. This headlamp has an orange peel reflector for even beam, and it also has a long range spotlight for visibility of 187 meters or 614 feet in the spotlight mode. When in the spotlight, you have four different outputs. The turbo has 1000 lumens. The next mode is high at 350 Lumens, with a runtime of 4.5 hours. The mid is 130 lumens can run 12 hours, and finally, the low 30 lumens can run for 42 hours. The Floodlight mode also 4 different outputs. The Eco is 4 lumens, Low at 30 lumens with a runtime of 40 hours, Mid at 130 lumens for a runtime of 9 hours and finally the High at 350 lumens with a max runtime of 2.5 hours.

This HP25R has freezing area operations. If you are in a cold area you can use CR123A batteries which can take temperatures of negative 40 degrees Celsius. With the purchase of the HP25R you will receive the 18650 rechargeable battery, micro USB cable, spare O-ring and warranty card. Following the footsteps of the HL60R the HP25R also has a battery level indicator that will let you know when you need to charge up your headlamp. This rechargeable headlamp is also IP66 rated. It can be used in heavy rain or splashing conditions. The IP66 rating also helps against dust and any tiny particles from entering the headlamp. You also have a 60-degree tilt for adjusting your beam and visibility. This mechanism also helps to prevent accidental activation.

Last on our list is the HL50 Headlamp. This is more of a practical headlamp for someone looking for something lightweight, as it only uses 1 AA alkaline battery. You will have three modes available. The first is low at 4 lumens, Mid is 60 lumens and last you have the High at 170 lumens. These are the specs for the CR123A battery. If you use the AA battery you can get the low mode at 3 lumens for 110 hours, mid at 55 lumens for 6 hours, and finally high at 150 lumens, and finally a burst at 285 lumens. The HL50 headlamp is waterproof with an IPX8 rating. Keep in mind that the batteries are not included with the HL50. However, you do have the option to use both CR123A batteries or AA batteries. These are some of the headlamp options that we have available here at If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, we will be glad to help. 

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