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Fenix RC40 vs Fenix TK75 2018 Edition!

RC40 vs TK75 '18

ModelRC40TK75 2018 Edition
Output6000 lumens5100 lumens
FeaturesRechargeableMicro USB rechargeable

battery carrier

Throw distance2,395 feet2,789 feet
Spot or floodlightSpot and floodSpot
Red light NoNo
BatteryBuilt-inFour 18650’s
Water ratingIPX-8 ratedIP68 rated
Number of outputs5 normal modes +SOS + strobe6 normal modes +SOS + strobe
Batteries includedYesNo
Length10.7 inches7.4 inches

Both of these lights are in competition for the being the most powerful light Fenix has to date. Obviously, if you look at the lumen output, the RC40 of course wins with the 6000 lumens over the 5100 lumens that the TK75. But with both having different features, there can certainly be a winner depending on your use.

With the RC40, you have one purchase that will cover everything since the light will come with the battery and charger and all you need. With the TK75, you will need to purchase batteries separately, you are given the charging cable but will require a purchase of batteries. Both of these lights will be great for search and rescue, although, if your primary use will be search and rescue, then the RC40 will take the win with this one since this light has approximately the same throw distance of the TK75, but will have a much better beam in terms of a flood light. So instead of just the single dot you see, you will be able to see all around with the perfect combination of flood and spot. On the other hand, if you are needing to spot certain objects directly in front of you, then the TK75 will be the light for you with it's impressive beam throw.