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Fenix Store Partners With Pete Ripmaster, Extreme Runner

Fenix Store is excited to partner with Pete Ripmaster, extreme runner.  Fenix Store is a leader in the headlamp industry, offering headlamps of all weights, sizes, and lumen output.  Pete Ripmaster has taken up the task of putting a variety of Fenix headlamps to the test in the most extreme conditions.

Pete hasn't always been a runner.  After cancer touched the lives of both of his parents, Pete's life took a turn. Before Pete's mother lost her battle to cancer, Pete promised her that he would find a way to make breast cancer a thing of the past. Since that promise, Pete has participated in over a hundred marathons and has raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. Pete has reported, "I am not running for myself, I am doing it for something bigger. Otherwise, I would be at home with my family enjoying the many other hobbies I have. This takes up most of my time, money and energy, but I am more than willing to do it to advance the field of cancer research.”  Pete is the father of three and owner of Black Mountain Running Co.

Some of Pete's past or planned runs include The Steep Canyon 50k and Relay Hullabaloo, 68 trail miles to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, Bighorn 100 Race, The California International Marathon, and many others.His next major adventure is the 2017 Iditarod Trail Invitational.  He will be attempting to run the 1,000+ mile southern route to Nome. Lighting the way for Pete will be the Fenix HP30 headlamp. The HP30 has a maximum of 900 Lumens (Burst) and an extraordinary runtime of 3 hrs. and 50 min. (in the High setting). The off-the-head battery pack makes the HP30 the perfect running light.Pete reports, "I've come to depend on Fenix because I was fed up with all other brands and wanted to find a headlamp that was bombproof. Mission accomplished!"  Other Fenix headlamps Pete puts to extreme use are HL35 and the HL23.

Pete is a devoted runner who also has is focused on charitable work. Some of the organizations Pete "runs for" are The Hope Chest of Asheville, Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, 2 Nome for Hope and more.

Fenix Store looks forward to our relationship with Pete and offering him support as he tackles extreme adventures.

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