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Fenix TK41C is Now in Stock! 20% off EDC Gear Too!

Fenix TK41C is Now in Stock! 20% off EDC Gear Too!

Greetings, Fenix Fans

The TK41C is back in the house! You have the classic TK41 styling with updated specs and color outputs. Feel 1000 Lumens in the palm of your hand.

This week we are focusing preparing you for the outdoors. A good start is with the  TK41C...then we are offering some really cool gear to accessorize your EDC stock. How about a 20% discount on this cool gear? Best pricing we've ever offered on these products so shop thru April 10. (Limited quantities of some items.)

Have you checked out the Fenix Store app? Downloads have been very brisk. Next week, we will send out our first “push” since the official launch. You don't want to miss these offers. Available in Android and IOS versions.

Thanks for being a part of our community. Happy shopping... don't miss the 20% off.

The Fenix Store Team
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