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How to Get the "Biggest Bang for Your Buck"


How about a new approach this week--we are focusing on flashlights based on "the biggest bang for your buck!"  So check out our top five flashlights that have the lowest cost per lumen.  Just remember, with all Fenix lights you have the assurance each has the same high-quality construction beginning with aircraft-grade aluminum.  

NEXT WEEK IS A BIG SHIPPING WEEK.  Arriving Monday, May 23: UC01, HL10, and the AREC1 charger .  Pre-sales on the new products have been exceptional.  Do you have yours ordered?

This is a great weekend for you to download the new Fenix Store App to your mobile device. If you haven't gotten it, you are missing special announcements and offers. Just follow the links below.

Have a great weekend!  We appreciate you.

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