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“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy


Greetings, Fenix Fans

We have come a long way from the oil-powered lamps found strapped to the front of a bicycle. Over the past few years, Fenix has introduced award-winning and innovative bike lights that are designed to improve your cycling experience during low-light conditions. Did you know that we also carry biking accessories that can turn almost ANY FENIX FLASHLIGHT into a bike light? See an example in the Weekly Giveaway below. Also, make sure to check out this week’s FENIX IN ACTION story!

New Arrivals This Week? The new TK16 Tactical Flashlight arrived in our warehouse a day early.  If you ordered, it is on the way.  The TK16 Package Deals will ship next week, once the AER-03 Pressure Switch arrives.  The new AER-02 Pressure Switch is now shipping.  Exciting new products continue to release...with more on the way soon.

Who knew bike lights could be this cool...
The Fenix Store Team

Fenix Weekly Giveaway Fenix Store Don't Tread On Me

** One FREE 1-oz. copper coin provided by Provident Metals.

Bike Light Comparison Chart

Fenix Bike Light BT20R

Fenix Bike Light BC30

Fenix Bike Light BC30R

Fenix Bike Light BTR20

Fenix Bike Light BT20

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Fenix In Action

Congratulations to our first "Fenix in Action" participants.  If you want to be inspired, please read Julia Mason and Bethany Martin's story...Cycling Across Two Continents.

"As we sat down on the small wooden stalls of the restaurant, we couldn't quite compute our emotions. Exhausted and a little traumatised, we demolished a mixed grill platter and dissolved into our beds. The next day was when the elation at our achievement kicked in. We had cycled 3650km from London to İstanbul, Turkey! We've experienced 12 countries, learnt how to say 'hello', 'thank you' and 'can we camp in your garden?' in 9 languages, met some amazing people who have overwhelmed us with their hospitality and eaten over 100 snickers bars (and still counting...!). As we took on the role of tourists in this beautiful city we couldn't help but tell people "we cycled here!" When asked where we were from."  Read more...

Fenix In Action - Forks on Wheels


Fenix FYI Corner

What does it say when a flashlight company is willing to offer up to a 5 1/2 Year Warranty on its flashlights? Pure confidence in its quality. Fenix has extended the warranty on its flashlights and other products. Read the full updated warranty details HERE.

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