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Introducing New EDC Products to Our Fenix Store Customers


Did you know we own another really cool website?
Did you know our original website was Fenix Outfitters?

Since many of you may not know our warehouse has not only the awesome Fenix products but also some really cool gear items, we decided to open your weekend reading to a bigger "candy store."

Below we are focusing on some of our popular EDC (everyday carry) products. HEADS UP: As you click on the links below, you will be directed either to Fenix Store or Fenix Outfitters. Both sites carry the full Fenix product line with the same pricing.

Today we added two new limited edition MicroTech knives. These things are really hot sellers among discerning knife collectors. If you aren't familiar with MicroTech and you love knives, feast your eyes.

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As always, we appreciate your continued business and support. Remember, we are Fenix Experts.

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MicroTech Knives

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