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Labor Day Sale! "Keeping it Simple"

Happy Labor Day from Fenix Store

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Fenix Fans

This weekend, we are KEEPING IT SIMPLE!

You labor hard all week, putting a lot of brain power into your work. So this weekend, we are all laying back and making Fenix decisions a no brainer.   10% OFF EVERYTHING--SITE WIDE.  Yes, you read that right.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  This is the perfect time to start your gift-giving shopping because you may not see this again anytime soon. (Sale valid through Sept. 7)

Then we have a new category -- 15% Off Flash Deals.  Products will move in and out of this "bargain bin" so check often.  There will be limited quantities and no rainchecks so if you see something you like, you better grab it.  

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Valid on Both Fenix Store and Fenix Outfitters

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Fenix Store

Fenix Store

Introducing our new "Flash Deals" Category on Fenix Store.  This is our virtual bargain bin. Check often as products will move in and out of here. (Limited quantities and no rain checks)

CLICK HERE to see the "Flash Deals" on our sister site, Fenix Outfitters.

Fenix CL25R LED Lantern

This week's Fenix in Action story is submitted by Ray Stephen...and he won a $50 store credit.  Ray says the Fenix CL25R "packs a punch like Mike Tyson."  CHECK OUT Ray's story and video submitted.  If you haven't ordered a CL25R lantern yet, this is your weekend to, using that 10% coupon code. EVERYONE should have a CL25R in their auto or house.  


Fenix CL25R

Fenix LED Flashlights


Why is My Flashlight Getting Hot?

We get calls and emails from customers asking about the heat coming from their flashlights.  At high lumen output, that is perfectly normal.  Most high-lumen flashlights heads labeled with a "hot" warning icon.  High-lumen Fenix flashlights have heat dissipation fins around the head of the light to aid in lowering temperatures.  Here are some suggestions for light operation:

  • Be familiar with the maximum beam distance of your light. For example, the PD35 has a maximum beam distance of 682 feet.  Do you need to operate your PD35 on Turbo while in the house?  Conserve your battery life by selecting an output mode to match the environment.  
  • Operate your flashlight at the highest mode only when needed.  Sustained Turbo Mode will heat up.  You still should be able to hold the flashlight comfortably.

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