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More Power & Runtime in the New Fenix TK35 2015 Edition

More Power & Runtime in the New Fenix TK35 2015 Edition

The TK35UE line keeps going strong with a new update

Fenix TK35 Duty Flashlight Output levels

With the announcement of the New Fenix TK35 2015 Edition, it appears as though the model has undergone a feature "facelift".

So what are the specific differences between the Fenix TK35 2014 Edition and the Fenix TK35 2015 Edition?  


The Fenix TK35 2015 Edition delivers an additional +60 lumens on Turbo, +25 on High, +25 on Mid, +35 on Low, & offers a new mode called "Eco" (8lm)... while at the same time increasing runtime.


The TK35 2015 Edition, on average, provides almost 18% greater runtime for each power mode.  Up to 2 hours max runtime on the 960 Turbo mode.  


The max beam distance has decreased by 7% from 380 meter down to only 355 meters...about the distance requirement of your average restraining order.  


They have shaved off an additional 56 grams from the previous year.  If you are curious, this is equivalent to removing a couple dozen pennies from your pocket.   It is also slightly shorter and thinner.  

Fenix TK35 Comparisson Chart


The new TK35 continues to be an integral part of the Fenix arsenal, offering users an ergonomic, durable, and versatile flashlight to be used in various settings.  The improvements in power, runtime, and size in the 2015 Edition will ensure that the TK35 remains a go-to flashlight for the casual and professional lighting enthusiast. 

More Power & Runtime in the New Fenix TK35 2015 Edition