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New RC40, HL60R, and NW20 Now Released--Fenix is Leading in Innovation




Fenix on Fire??  Yep--in a good way, like "burning" the lighting market up with innovation.  Things are clipping around here with some phenomenal new product releases.

We have a lot to offer this week.  Here's a recap:

  • RC40 2016: 6000 screaming lumens.  PLUS, a discharging USB power bank built in.
  • HL60R: A TRUE 950 Lumen output--no Burst mode. 18650 battery with micro-USB charging within the light.
  • NW20 2016: Smaller, lighter, sleaker. Be heard in an emergency.
  • 10-Pack of CR123A Batteries:  Only $6.50 with a $50.00 purchase. Price shown in cart.  No coupon code needed.
  • Urban Operators Titanium Permanent Price Drop: 15% less or more and coupon code accepted. These are offered through Fenix Outfitters.
  • Testimony Time!  You have to read that.  When was the last time you grilled your Fenix?

Thanks for being our customer.  Your business is much appreciated.  Come Spring Quickly.

The Fenix Store Team
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"I grilled my Fenix light"

We recently received this email and just had to share it.  What a testimony for Fenix lights!

Hi, I am a loyal customer of fenix lights. I have several pd35's and a head light and have given several to friends as Christmas presents. I know that you probably get several more complaints than you do atta-boys, but here is mine.

I do some cooking on my smoker and I was trying out some new recipes for the upcoming year. I had placed the product on the smoker at around 11pm and went to bed with my alarm set to go off at 5:30 am to check the temp and maybe wrap the meat. I got up when the alarm went off and headed outside with my pd32 to check the temp on the meat. When I got outside i realized that my outside lights did not reach to where my cooker was set up, so i had to depend completely on my flashlight to read my thermometer and to commence with wrapping the boston butts and brisket. I finished wrapping and placed them back on the cooker in the dark.

After the meat had been wrapped, I waited until 8am to see if the meat was ready. As I went outside, I was trying to find my flashlight that i had used earlier since it was still a little dark and could not find it anywhere. I found another cheap flashlight and headed outside to check the temps. When I opened the cooker, and shined the flashlight inside, there was my fenix laying on top of the wrapped brisket. Boy was I upset! I had ruined one of my favorite flashlights! I laid the cooked light on the tailgate of the truck and finished checking the meats all the while mentally kicking myself in the tail for doing something so dumb. As I was walking back in the house with the "ruined" fenix in my hand, I pressed the button, and low and behold, the light worked! Every single thing that the flashlight was supposed to do, it did. The only negative thing I can find, and I had to look hard, is a slight discoloration of the lens. THAT IS ALL! After cooking at 250 degrees for 2 1/2 hours, there is nothing wrong with my flashlight!

Once again, thanks so much for making a superior product that is also affordable.

Keith Bowen

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