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See and Be Seen With Fenix LED Flashlights This Halloween

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Make Sure Your Little Pirate and Little Princess are Seen This Halloween!

It's that time of year when safety is of utmost importance. Whether you are out hauling in all the treats you can or if you are walking with your little ones as they knock on doors, Fenix lighting products will light the way for safety. The HL05 is a perfect flashlight to attach to your child's arm or costume...flashing red is an attention grabber.

Have you noticed all the new products starting to roll out? That's a sure sign the Christmas/Holiday Season is quickly approaching. (More being announced in the weeks ahead) This week, we are proud to announce three new products:

F15+T5Ti Box Set
TK75 2018 Flashlight & Batteries Deluxe Bundle
TK75 2018 Flashlight & Batteries Bundle

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