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Kicking Off the Summer

The Sizzling Summer has begun! We have that special gear to enhance your outdoor experience. Whether you need lighting or cool gear, we are your first stop. Start with the foundations for all outdoor activities--a high-quality headlamp and a compact flashlight. From there, visit our website for all other specialized products to fit your activities. This weekend is a great time to start shopping and stock up on the CR123 batteries on sale (through June 28). Enjoy the experience.

Coming soon--July and August are going to be "months of new releases." As usual, you will get immediate notification through our newsletters. Stay tuned and stay in-the-know, with much anticipation.

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This is a HUGE release. The PD35TCA will be the choice EDC flashlight for the outdoor enthusiast to law enforcement personnel. You get 6 Outdoor Modes and 3 Tactical Modes.  This is cutting-edge design by Fenix.

New Release PD35 Tactical

Headlamps for Sale

CR123 Battery Special Valid on Fenix Store Website Only

When you look for a high-quality, protected CR123 non-rechargeable battery, being with the Tenergy Propel battery.  This high-quality lithium battery lasts 3-5 times longer than an ordinary alkaline battery.  With the Tenergy Propel battery, you have the backing of a PTC protected battery for full protection of your device.

CR123 Battery Sale

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FYI Corner

What's the deal with Fenix's 18650 batteries?  Where's the button top on the positive end of the battery?


Fenix 18650 batteries have a high-quality and unique structural design for better impact resistance.  With repeated drops or with the internal springs pressing on a button-top battery, there is a chance the button can start to recede into the battery body, resulting in loss of power.  Fenix's design improvement minimizes that possibility.  Pure genius.

Fenix Battery Design


This Special is on our Sister Website, Fenix Outfitters
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Fenix Outfitters is your first stop for unique EDC gear.  Whether it is titanium or other gear, you can count of us to locate the products need to enhance your outdoor experience.  We carry Boker, HideAway, Koch Tools, J. Woytaz, MicroTech, Spyderco, or other major suppliers.

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