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Tactical Flashlight Review | Fenix TK20R Tactical Flashlight

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The first rechargeable flashlight in the TK series is here. The Fenix TK20R will be the one and only tactical flashlight you ever need. This monster of a flashlight has an incredible amount of lumens and a ridiculous beam throw all in the palm of your hand. With the Fenix TK20R measuring just under 6 inches long this is the perfect flashlight to put in your pocket for any situation.

This 5.9 inch flashlight is made of durable aircraft grade aluminum, with toughened ultra-clear glass lens and anti-reflective coating. This makes the flashlight hold up most drops especially with an impact rating of 1 meter. The flashlight has a ring around the center that prevents the light from rolling, but it can also be used as a tactical light, holding the light between your index and middle finger while pushing the power button on the tail cap with your thumb. The TK20R has an integrated Micro USB charging port. This means you won't have to take your battery out to charge anymore, this flashlight charges it for you. Even if you're on the go you can charge this light easily in the car or truck. The TK20R is powered by one single 18650. The Fenix TK20R comes with a Fenix 3.6V/2900 mAh rechargeable 18650 battery that can keep this flashlight going for up to 135 hours in low mode, 4 hours on high, and an hour and half on turbo. And don’t worry about it overheating. Fenix has equipped the TK20R with an overheat protection that lets the flashlight cycle down to a lower setting when it overheats, and will cycle back up when it cools. This will be the best Tactical Flashlight you will ever own.

With one of the most impressive things about this flashlight being the ability to recharge the light without having to take the battery out, the led indicator and micro usb port makes it easy to charge. Simply connect a micro USB cable to it, and the mode button lights up red to let you know it’s charging. When it’s all done, the light turns green. The Fenix TK20R also makes it easy to see if the battery needs charged or not. The battery level indicator is my favorite feature of all. Knowing the basic status of the battery at all times is a very reassuring feeling. The side switch has a led that lights up around it. It will glow red while charging, green when fully charged, and flash red when it’s time to charge it again. You would think with a built in charge port on the TK20R that it wouldn’t be very water resistant, but this flashlight has a very high dust and waterproof rating. That’s right I said waterproof. With an attached dust cover, this flashlight has a rating of IP68. This means it can be submersed up to six and a half feet in water for 30 minutes.

I have a large plot of land with a big wooded area and about a dozen dogs that like to explore… everywhere. So sometimes when they are out on an adventure, after dark, it’s hard to locate all of them. They maybe down by the pond looking at a turtle or somewhere in the woods barking up a tree at a squirrel. But with the TK20R in hand it doesn't take long to spot them from the front porch thanks to the the incredible beam distance on the TK20R. With the beam reaching 1017 feet it is easy to spot where they are at all times.

My property is a little hard to find, especially at night. This flashlight makes it easy to guide someone new to my front door. With the 1000 lumens and a 310 meter beam distance, people can easily pinpoint my location nearly a quarter mile away when using the Fenix TK20R in turbo and shining it at them like a homing beacon, and it always amazes them to see just how small and compact this flashlight really is. When i show them all the features the TK20R has, they are ready to purchase one for themselves. The TK20R is very helpful in low mode for looking under bed and behind couches for those dogs. The ability to go from 1000 lumens down to 10 lumens is amazing. If you like one setting over all the others, that is no problem, this flashlight remembers what setting it was last in. So when you turn it on it will be in the same setting it was last in. The TK20R makes it easy to select the different modes having a tail switch for power and a side switch for mode selection. With four brightness setting and a strobe function, this flashlight is practical for any situation.

When in need of any amount of light there is almost no situation that the Fenix TK20R is not an ideal choice. From looking around the house in those dimly lit corners on its low setting to using turbo mode looking at something nearly a quarter mile down the road, this flashlight does what you need it to. And don't forget there is never a need to take the battery out to charge with a micro usb port built right in.

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