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FUELING YOUR FLASHLIGHT EFFECTIVELY It is more important than ever to consider higher capacity lithium ion batteries for your Fenix Flashlight.  If you want to get the most ou …
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SPECIAL on Fenix TK32 2016 Model! Buy Now!

THIS IS AN EXCITING WEEK! Lots happening around Fenix Store this week. Let's begin with our powerful TK32 2016 Model. We have had MANY requests for a flashlight with high lumen, r …
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What is the Difference Between "Protected" and "Unprotected" 18650 Batteries

As you know, 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries are very powerful.  Because of that, you should be aware of the safe handling of them. Don't look just at the price of the battery.  With 18650 ba …
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PD35 Special in Time for Father's Day

New Arrival--Shipping Now Fenix BC30R Bike Light Nothing Like it …
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