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What Are the Highest Lumen Flashlights Available From Fenix?

Countless flashlights are small enough to fit in your purse and provide support for your everyday routines. Maybe there are even times when you want to see how many eye-searing lumens you can cram int …
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Top 5 Lights for Emergency Situations

STORMS ARE COMING...Every year, early summer brings massive storms across the country, many of which cause wide-spread power outages and even worse. When your electricity goes out and you're left i …
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Flashlight with Colors! Welcome the Newest Tactical Light from Fenix!

Multi-Color LED Flashlights Available At Fenix-Store!Please welcome the Fenix TK25 R&B with a white, a red, and a blue LED! You all have been asking and Fenix has delivered! This newest multi …
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Best Flashlight of the First Quarter Plus Other Best Sellers!

THE RESULTS ARE IN!Want to know our top sellers for first quarter 2017? Here you are! Our TK20R is sitting at the top spot. If you look at the features, you will see why. Our high-perform …
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Flashlight with a dual purpose! Your first Fenix infrared LED flashlight!! Plus more!

Fenix TK25 Red Light! Dual Lighting Purpose!The Fenix TK25Red flashlight features a powerful white light is the brightest red light LED available on Fenix-Store!The neutral white light from the TK25 f …
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