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Fenix LR40R Rechargeable Flashlight Video Overview

Want to See How Our New Fenix LR40R LED Flashlight Operates? Want to See What a Compact 12,000-Lumen Flashlight Looks Like? Check This Out Read Complete Specifications Here …
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Fenix Has Now Reached the 12,000-Lumen Mark With the New LR40R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Smaller and Brighter to Deliver Lighting to Unimaginable Distances Fenix LR40R LED Flashlight The powerful Fenix LR40R has been designed for your outdoor adventures and extreme environ …
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NEW Fenix FD41 LED Rotary Focus LED Flashlight

New Design - Rotary Focus LED Flashlight Fenix FD41 LED Flashlight Announcing the long-awaited release our the brand new Fenix FD41! This 2-in-1 flashlight has the capability of a spotlight …
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How to Get the "Biggest Bang for Your Buck"

Greetings! How about a new approach this week--we are focusing on flashlights based on "the biggest bang for your buck!"  So check out our top five flashlights that have the lowes …
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Ready for the Outdoors With Fenix Utility Flashlights

Greetings, Friends Has this weather been nice or what?  Well, for most of the nation. We surely can tell how you are spending your time by what you are ordering...outdoor gear is in hi …
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