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Fenix TK47 LED Flashlight is in the House! Got Yours?

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Here's a Sneak Preview of What You Get

Fenix TK47 LED Flashlight

  • 1300 Lumens
  • 2300-foot beam distance
  • Headlight with 5 modes of operation
  • Taillight with 4 modes of operation
  • and more...

Do you have yours ordered?
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Top 2016 New Releases on Sale!

THANK YOU!First, we want to thank you for the part you played in a successful Christmas Season around Fenix Store. Your confidence in Fenix products and Fenix Store is greatly appreciated.We are ready to move into 2017 with anticipation of what Fenix will offer to the lighting industry. The first round of new products will [...]

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What is the Brightest Flashlight? - Fenix

Why do you need a bright flashlight? There are several reasons why you need a bright flashlight. Whether you just want a reliable tool to use for everyday tasks or you want to feel safe with a self-defense flashlight, the brightness is very important. We look at brightness in terms of "lumens" for a [...]

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NEW Fenix UC02 Stainless Steel Torch! 137 Lumens from 1.7 Inches

Fenix UC02 Stainless Steel137 Lumens1.7 InchesMicro USB Rechargeable!ORDER NOW!

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NEW Fenix FD30 Focus Beam Flashlight - Spot to Flood Beam With Max of 900 Lumens

Wow! Small Profile Focus-Beam FlashlightIntroducing the Fenix FD30 LED FlashlightThe Fenix FD30 is officially released! Featuring a new style 360°rotary focusing flashlight, Fenix FD30 is fitted with a independently innovative dual reflector optical system. Rotating the focusing ring 360° moves the head and the reflector forward and backward from the LED, thus regulating the focus between spotlight and [...]

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NEW Fenix LD12 LED Flashlight Upgrade--NOW 320 Lumens!

BACK IN PRODUCTION--NEW AND IMPROVED  FENIX LD12 FLASHLIGHT Introducing the newest light from Fenix; the Fenix LD12 2017 Edition! This little guy is no joking matter with its powerful 320 lumen output in just over 4 inches of material. The redesigned Fenix LD12 is now compatible with 14500 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. It’s fitted with a CREE XP-G2 [...]

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NEW Fenix ARE-X1+ Single-Bay Charger - Includes an LCD Status Screen

Introducing our New Fenix ARE-+ Single-Bay Charger Includes an LCD Display Screen PLUS It Charges 9 Battery Types! ORDER NOW

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NEW Fenix FD41 LED Rotary Focus LED Flashlight

New Design - Rotary Focus LED FlashlightFenix FD41 LED FlashlightAnnouncing the long-awaited release our the brand new Fenix FD41! This 2-in-1 flashlight has the capability of a spotlight mode along with a floodlight with the 360-degree rotary focusing function. This FD41 features a floodlight with a wide beam of 81 degrees and a spotlight that [...]

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