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Tips on Selecting a Rechargeable Flashlight

Rechargeable Lights Confuse Me! So many choices! How do I know what to look for? Why are some rechargeable lights at Big Box Stores $19.99 and Fenix's a little more pricey? …
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Fenix UC02 Rechargeable Flashlight is Now Shipping--1.7 inches in Length with 130 Lumens

EXCELLENCE KEEPS SHIPPING! Wow! Fenix UC02 Rechargeable LED Flashlight With an Amazing 130 Lumens, Hidden Micro USB Port, and IPX 8 Waterproofing Colors Available: Black, Blu …
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New Fenix RC09 and RC11 Magnetic Charging LED Flashlights

Fenix is a Leader in Flashlight Innovation Greetings--Do You Feel the Fenix Magnetic Pull? May the force be with you! Two "forceful" new flashlights are ready for preorders. T …
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Charge On The Go With Fenix Flashlights

Greetings, Valued Customer In a world focused on FAST & CONVENIENT, having a Rechargeable Fenix Flashlight is becoming more and more common among SERIOUS FLASHLIGHT ENTHUSIASTS.  …
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