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Are You Ready for Power Outages?

It's That Time of Year Again! Hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms...all require us to be ready for power outages, possibly for days. Have you checked your preparedness gear? This week we are foc …
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Fenix LD11, LD41, E05, and More...Recommendations for Preparedness

WE ARE FOCUSING ON COMMON BATTERIES! After analyzing our recent sales, it's obvious many people are thinking about preparedness.  Wise planning prepares for all types of emergencies--b …
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Fenix TK15UE Compared to the Fenix TK16--Who Is the Winner? Both

Fenix TK15UE vs. Fenix TK16 Both Are Winners! We get many emails from customers wanting to know the differences between the Fenix TK15UE and the Fenix TK16. At a first l …
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SPECIAL on Fenix TK32 2016 Model! Buy Now!

THIS IS AN EXCITING WEEK! Lots happening around Fenix Store this week. Let's begin with our powerful TK32 2016 Model. We have had MANY requests for a flashlight with high lumen, r …
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How to Get the "Biggest Bang for Your Buck"

Greetings! How about a new approach this week--we are focusing on flashlights based on "the biggest bang for your buck!"  So check out our top five flashlights that have the lowes …
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