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Time To Start Filling Your Christmas List: Begin by Browsing the 2020 Fenix Catalog

One-Stop Shopping: Find a Gift for Each of Those on Your Christmas List2020 Fenix Flashlights CatalogShop early this Christmas Season. There is no better gift for all people than a reliable, bright fl …
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NEW Fenix LD32 UVC Multifunctional Light--Ready for Close-Range Disinfection

Introducing the New Fenix LD32 UVC Multi-Functional FlashlightRegular Beam AND Disinfecting UV Beam for Close RangeThe Fenix LD32 UVC is a new portable flashlight from Fenix that also has UVC Lighting …
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Buy.Your.First.Gift.Today... It is a shopping has skyrocketed since CoVid. What does that mean to you? Competition for products will be fierce this Christmas Season.  So Chec …
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Are You Ready for Power Outages?

It's That Time of Year Again! Hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms...all require us to be ready for power outages, possibly for days. Have you checked your preparedness gear? This week we are foc …
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2020 UPDATE: The Common Specs of Our Top Five Sellers

Mid-Year Top Sellers--FIRST PLACE WINNERS We've run the sales reports and are not surprised which are the Top 5 Movers. These top performers tell us you want a light that is com …
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