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What You Should Know About 18650 Batteries?

The term “battery” has been used since 1749, but the true battery wasn’t invented until the 1800s. The person behind the invention was an Italian physicist named Alessandro Volta. He piled up co …
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Are 21700 Batteries Better Than 18650?

Batteries come in different shapes and sizes. These technological advancements have been powering our electronics since Alessandro Volta made the battery. Physicists and scientists also made dif …
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Are Fenix Batteries Good?

If you are looking for rechargeable batteries or batteries in general, Fenix is the perfect place for you! Fenix sells batteries that fit electronic devices such as cameras for security purposes and h …
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Increase your chances of survival...with proper battery storage

Greetings, Fenix Fans! This week we would like to focus on the importance of Battery Protection & Storage.  Whether you are storing your batteries in your basement in case of an emergenc …
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