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The best Everyday Carry (EDC) Flashlights in 2019

EDC is short for Everyday Carry, meaning its something you carry with you at all times, or any time you leave the house, such as a watch, pen, pocket knife or even a flashlight. Small EDC flashlights are extremely useful in daily situations that one might not even realize until they carry an EDC light. First, in the EDC collection is the PD25, which sells for 56.95 at For a long time, the PD25 has been Fenix fan favorite EDC flashlight, because of its ideal size measuring only 3.7 inches long and max output of 500 lumens. A single 16340 battery can power it, or you can use a single CR123 which is a non-rechargeable battery.

This compact PD25 EDC flashlight has four output mode, ranging from 5 lumens up to 550 lumens plus a strobe option. This flashlight features a tactical switch in the rear of the light, making it easy to use for one hand operation. The single side switch can also be used to change the brightness settings. Both a pocket clip and lanyard is included with the PD25. Intelligent memory allows you to turn the flashlight on and off and come back to the previous setting. Let's discuss the output setting using a single rechargeable 16340 battery. First is the low setting at 5 lumens, next is the mid setting with 50 lumens. The high setting on the Fenix PD25 has a max output of 150 lumens. The last output setting is the turbo at 550 Lumens.

The second EDC light we want to talk about is the upgraded Fenix LD02, which retails on Fenix Store for $29.95. This new EDC light has dual lighting sources including a warm white output and a 200 mW ultraviolet light. The UV lighting feature that Fenix added to the LD02 V2.0 flashlight in 2018 put this model far ahead of many other flashlight brands. The LD02 has a CREE XQE High White LED for exceptional color rendering. The measurements of the LD02 are as follow 3.6 inches long and .5 inches wide. A single AAA battery powers it, that is included with your purchase. It is effortless to operate as it only has one button. The switch is stainless steel for excellent durability. The max output is 70 Lumens. The output modes are low at 1 lumen, mid at 25 lumens and finally high with 70 lumens. The UV light output is 200 mW with a 4-hour runtime on a single AAA alkaline battery.

The light itself only weighs 1 ounce or 24 grams. It is vital that you have an EDC flashlight, especially one that can be used in most situations. This LD02 will not let you down in any case, including underwater. It is rated IPX8, which means it can be submerged underwater for 30 minutes at a distance of 6.5 feet. The impressive IPX8 rating makes the LD02 a top contender as an EDC flashlight.

The next Everyday carry flashlight we are going to go over is the Fenix E16. You can also find this flashlight under the E Series category on, currently priced at 39.95. The light is very compact, which a great feature when choosing your next EDC flashlight. It only measures 2 inches in length, so you will barely feel it if you carry it in your pocket. Even though this flashlight is exceptionally compact, it can still reach a max output of 700 Lumens. Impressive is the word used to describe a flashlight that is only 2 inches in length and provides such a high output. How does it achieve such brightness? By using the innovative 16340 high discharge battery from Fenix. This battery allows you to reach the 700-lumen mark without any struggle. Alternatively, you can also use a non-rechargeable CR123 battery. However, you will only achieve 400 lumens of output with this battery.

As we had mentioned before the Fenix E16 has a max output of 700 lumens, but you also have three other outputs to choose from. Right below the Turbo is the high output sitting at 150 Lumens with a runtime of 2 hours. The high output is ideal to use in low to dark light without running the risk of blinding others around you. The mid setting has a max output of 30 lumens with a runtime of almost 12 hours. You can use this setting when you are starting to run low on battery, and you need to search for something that you may have dropped under your car or behind your couch. This output is also significant because it wouldn't reflect the light in your eyes. The Mid output will make searching for items much more manageable. Finally, you have the low setting at 3 lumens. On the low output, you have a runtime of 70 hours. The low output is ideal for when you are needing the bare minimum of light or lumens and don't want to use up all your battery life.

Out of the three options we discussed for EDC flashlights, we would consider the Fenix E16 as being the best. It delivers the most lumens, is ultra compact, and extremely easy to use with the single side switch operation. However, we understand that everyone EDC situation may be different, so the Fenix PD25 or Fenix LD02 V2.0 may be the better option for as an everyday carry flashlight. Whichever flashlight you choose, make sure to pick one that you will feel comfortable using. And as always, visit, as they offer many more EDC flashlight options that you may not have heard of before.

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