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The new lightweight running headlamp from Fenix

It's been a long day at the office, you put on your running shoes and head to your local park or track. You hydrate, stretch, and warm up. You are now ready for a run that will help put some stress away. You realize that your run is going to be cut short. It's 9 p.m., and it's completely dark outside. If only you had some light mechanism to help you run just a little longer. This is what Fenx is offering your today! The all-new HL18R lightweight headlamp designed with runners in mind.

Whether you are just getting started or you have been running for a while now, the Fenic HL18R is the perfect headlamp for you. When choosing a light for running, you want to keep in the weight and heat dissipation. The HL18R headlamp only weighs 80 grams with the battery and headband included. It is also designed with an integrated copper plate for faster and better heat dissipation. This will keep you fresh during the long and demanding runs. The compact size is also perfect for carrying in your go bag or hiking bag.

Another remarkable feature fo the Fenix HL18R is that you have two power sources and it is Micro USB rechargeable. When you purchase the Fenix HL18R on, you will receive a micro USB charging cable so you can easily plug the headlamp into a wall adapter for charging. The same wall adapter used for charing your iPhone or Android mobile device can also charge the HL18R as we had mentioned before the Fenix HL18R has dual power sources. Included with the headlamp is a Li-polymer battery pack that weighs less than 3 AAA batteries. This is the first power source option available. The secondary power source option is AAA Alkaline battery. This is especially useful since AAA Alkaline batteries can be found almost at any store. If you go camping, you can keep an extra set of alkaline batteries with your camping gear to efficiently power your HL18R headlamp.

The HL18R has both a spotlight and floodlight mode. The spotlight mode will give the highest output of 400 lumens. It also has a high at 130 lumens, med at 70 lumens and a low output at 30 lumens. The floodlight output has a high output of 30 Lumens, low output of 4 lumens and an S.O.S. at 30 lumens. A Cree XP-G3 Warm white furnishes these outputs LED and an Everlight 2835 White Light LED. These features make the Fenix HL18R an unmatched option for running, reading, camping, and even night fishing.

Additional features of the HL18R include a lockout function and IP66 protection. The lockout function will prevent the headlamp from accidentally turning on while it is stowed away in your hiking or camping bag. The IP66 protection prevents any dust from entering them, and it also protects against heavy rain. The last feature I would like to mention is the incredible headband that is also included with your purchase. The headband for the HL18R is made with reflective material that can be seen up to 50 meters away. The headband is also sweat channeling to prevent sweat from entering your eyes during your run. You can pick up the Fenix HL18R headlamp at for only $54.95.