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Top Five Gifts for Your Wife: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for Your Wife: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Your wife deserves a good flashlight! Whether it's reading a menu in a dimly lit romantic restaurant, or lighting her way to a dark parking spot after work, a flashlight is a must-have item to keep in a purse! In addition to practical every day use, a flashlight is a great deterrent to an unwelcome intruder...a temporary self defense tool. Does your wife have a high-quality, high-lumen flashlight? 


If you are looking for the perfect purse carry light for your wife, here it is. The Fenix RC11 is a powerful 1000 lumens and also strobes at 1000 lumens. If she were approached in a parking lot by a stranger, she could turn on the strobe and disorient that person--allowing time to run away. Of course, we would hope that would never happen but she would have that option with her with the Fenix RC11. It's also so easy to charge with the magnetic charging cable that attaches to the outside of the light. No need to remove the battery to charge it. The light on the cable will turn green once it is fully charged. No guessing! She will love this light. 


Ok guys, here's the light for your wife that she will love for Christmas! The Fenix RC09 is a powerful but small light approximately 2 3/4" long x 2/3" diameter. It has a magnetic charging cable with a USB at the other end so you can even charge it in your car. The magnetic base is perfect if you need more light for sewing since it will stick to your sewing machine. Reading at night or in the morning is a perfect time to get out your Fenix light. The Fenix RC09 will fit perfectly in one of those side pockets in her purse so she can grab it in an instant! Give her the gift that will light up her Christmas Day!


If you guys are looking for a smaller Fenix light to hide in your wife's Christmas Stocking, the Fenix PD25 flashlight is perfect. This small Fenix light is a powerful 550 lumens on Turbo and is only 3 1/2" x 3/4" diameter. Since it uses CR123 batteries, she'll never have a leaky battery to deal with. We sell these batteries at a decent price also. It is perfect for walking the dog (together) or for early morning reading before hubby gets out of bed. Christmas is the perfect time for a Fenix light in her stocking this year!


Husbands!!! Here is the perfect powerful Fenix light for your wife for Christmas! She will be amazed at how bright the Fenix UC30 is and how easy it is to operate and charge with the micro USB cable. One button control enables her to see her surroundings when she's in a dark parking lot and needing a little assurance. The Fenix UC30 light has a strobe with 1000 lumens in an instant and will disorient any person or animal in her time of need. Give her a gift that can make her feel safer at night. Give her a Fenix UC30 for Christmas this year!



Everyone needs a high-quality headlamp. The Fenix HL15 is great for looking under beds for lost toys, reading, walking, manicures, or any situation she can think of. The #1 reason for having a headlamp is for those situations where you need hands-free lighting. Your wife may look at you strangely at first when she opens this headlamp, but watch how many times she ends up thanking you for this out-of-the-ordinary gift.