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We just received the release announcement of the NEW SD20 DIVE LIGHT. If you are an under water (diving/snorkeling, etc) enthusiast, then how does this sound? 1000 Lumens, White/Red LEDs, Waterproof to 332 Feet, and Max Beam Distance of 564 Feet. DIVE IN!

UPDATE ON CL30R: We got the first shipment out. Whew! You should be receiving yours beginning tomorrow. Please consider posting your impression on one of our social media sites. Because the worldwide demand for this lantern has been so high, our next shipment won't arrive until around the end of July. Go ahead and order yours so you are sure to get one from the next arrival.

TK15UE: Wow! Lots of excitement about this "thrower." These are in stock and ready to ship to you now. Light your world.

Now, headlamps. We have the best of the best. From sewing to the most extreme outdoor activities, we have one for you. Our #1 seller is the phenomenal HL60R. That's a "bucket list" item.

As always, we appreciate your continued support. Have a
great weekend!

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