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Why is the Fenix HL60R the Hottest Seller?

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Hello, Fenix Fans

What are we highlighting this week?  "This-Ain't-Your-Grandpa's-Headlamp" era!  Primary focus of the week is the phenomenal HL60R headlamp.  Sales have far exceeded our expectations--check out our new HL60R review video to see what features are making it our newest hot seller.

The new arrival this week is the ARBL18 2600mAh 18650 battery.  This is the second Fenix 18650 battery to be released in the new button-top design, with the first one being the 3500mAh battery.  Watch for more being released soon.  While you are picking up the new battery, grab the newly redesigned NW20 Emergency Whistle.  With outdoor activities on your mind, it is important to always travel with a location whistle.

Spring is close--this week apply our 10% promo code to your order using SPRING at checkout. Happy Shopping! Time to get outside.

The Fenix Store Team
Exceeding Customer Expectations

HL60R Headlamp - BEST SELLER!

HL60R Youtube Video

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