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Women and Personal Safety

GOOD READ--Facts Speak

According to RAINN, 1 in 6 women stand the chance of being sexually assaulted. Around 15% of college girls stand the chance of someone sexually assaulting them.

Women are concerned with personal safety. While a firearm has its place, it has serious lifestyle restrictions, especially if you travel frequently.

All women should be equipped with a non-lethal tool (not a gun or knife), such as a flashlight. It will fit in a purse, CAN BE CHECKED THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY, and is also has a multitude of uses. A flashlight can be used for a temporary blinding as well as be pretty handy in breaking a nose.

We recommend a flashlight that:

1. Is small, about the size of your opened hand
2. Has at least 120 lumens
3. Is simple to operate
4. Has an SOS and/or Strobe mode
5. Is waterproof
6. Is well designed and is made of high-quality material
7. Is a long-lasting LED

Our recommendations:
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Here's a great read. Pass it on--please share. Read with your mother, wife, daughter, and those you care about.

How to use a flashlight in a tactical situation