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Fenix Blog

The Best Flashlights at Fenix Store

Welcome to, home of the best flashlight customer service team that you find. Today we will be discussing the type of flashlight that we do offer here at Fenix store. We will also be go …
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WINNER ANNOUNCED in the Fenix Madness Tournament!

WE HAVE A WINNER!FENIX MADNESS has concluded and to the surprise of no one, the PD35 TAC has been crowned the victor. Thanks to all who participated in the tournament voting; it's been fun s …
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The best Everyday Carry (EDC) Flashlights in 2019

EDC is short for Everyday Carry, meaning its something you carry with you at all times, or any time you leave the house, such as a watch, pen, pocket knife or even a flashlight. Small EDC flashlights …
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Fenix Headlamps you want to own...

The first headlamp we are going to discuss is the Fenix HL60R Rechargeable LED Headlamp, which in my opinion this is the best Fenix headlamp available. The HL60R Headlamp is very bright, easy to wear …
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Top 3 Best Tactical Flashlights of 2019

Let go over the top 3 best tactical flashlights at in 2019. Tactical flashlights come in many shapes, sizes, and brands, however, Fenix tactical flashlights are the cream of the c …
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